delayed posts...

25/06/2012 15:07
... some times: less is more...   With this thoughts I have to delay my english translations so I can focus to the road and the trip... Unfortunately my current travel route does not allow too much time for translating my german posts into english. I appologies for the delays, I will...

New Photos online

25/06/2012 14:14
Now all Photos of Pakistan are online on Flickr... Check them out!   Link to the pictures -  click here

Avalanche ride

25/06/2012 14:06
    Content:   - Kaghan Valley - Night Place - Decoration-Place - Avalanche ride - Retreat     Kaghan Valley   Once the road was blocked into the Kaghan Valley through Kashmir, we have taken a detour via Abottabad to the Karakoram Highway....

No permit = No Kashmir

25/06/2012 13:54
    Content:   - Adios Smog City - Permit?? - Arrest us!     Adios Smog City   Finally, after we filled our tank and increased the food supplies in the exquisitely stocked supermarket, we leave the smog of Islamabad, which has made us all...

Welcome Nico in Islamabad

25/06/2012 13:49
    Content:   - Welcome Nico - Islamabad - Handicraft festival and t^police idiot   Welcome Nico   I stand at the crossroads which leads to the airport and give a 10 rupee note to the ugly painted lady-boy. The story of these young men in women's...

Crankshafts and other disasters

27/05/2012 10:39
    Content:   - Routine Check - Crankshaft Disaster - Assembly - Tyre-Run   Routine check   Fridolin is already quite in shape. Two problems must be remedied, which would be: First, the newly purchased, used oil pressure indicator still does not...


27/05/2012 10:33
    Content:   - Peshawar - Rose Hotel - Old Town - Car Bazaar - Smugglers' Bazaar - Conclusion   Peshawar   After several phone calls and other inquiries, we were convinced that the current security situation in one of Asia's wildest cities...

New Photos online of Pakistan

20/05/2012 15:15
Check out the new Photos of Pakistan....   Click here

Visa Run in Islamabad

20/05/2012 15:14
    Content:   - Our mission in the capital - We pulled the tooth of the Stan-Countries - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan   Our mission in the capital:   - 5 visas stamped in our passports - Bring Fridolin into shape - Souvenir...

Sufi Night

20/05/2012 14:50
    "What, all in a tuk tuk", "Sure?", "Okay," I have to move more. As in a sardine can we sit with six people in the gas-powered tuk tuk. It is already dark and the streets are going mad.   Pakistan has just won the Asian championship in cricket. An absolute sensation...
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India 02

Express through India

17/04/2012 23:52
    Content: - 3 days, 760 kilometres, two border crossings - Flat's over Flat's - No spare tire - 30 km further - Night Shift - 17 hours on the road - Amritsar - Golden Temple   3 days, 760 kilometres, two border crossings After a more or less...


Breakdown tour, river crossing, storm

17/04/2012 23:45
    Content:   - Breakdown - River crossing - Fire for sale on eBay - Thunder-Storm - Strike = Driving ban   Breakdown   With Mark, I'm on my way from Pokhara to Bardia National Park in the western Terrai of Nepal. After just eight kilometers I...

Lazy days in Pokhara

17/04/2012 23:41
    Content:   - Camping - City Nights / strike - Dental disaster - Holy Festival   Good eight kilometers from Pokhara I pitch my tent. At the campsite in Parme ( I meet old friends, like Mark, Jens and Eve, and Hardie, Luca and...


11/04/2012 23:52
      Yeah, well who is it? Roman Giger, not only has the license to the "upper-chief mechanic," the "fuse-burner" no, since Pokhara also those of the "electric-shocker":   Two screams, one offender   Scream # 1 - Mark   From Mark's car I hear the...

No Vehicles in Bakthapur

11/04/2012 23:50
    Content:   - Fridolin baned? Ticket? Parking ban? - The streets of Bakthapur - Roman in "diplomatic" mission - Adieu Priti   Fridolin baned? Ticket? Parking ban?   YEA, but not with me!!! All day we've been traveling, seven hours of driving,...

Walking Trees

11/04/2012 23:48
  In Nepal, there are actually walking trees! The verdict:   ... a tree just walked in front of my car ...   becomes true in Nepal :) Everywhere they walk around, the bushes and shrubs.     By the way, the local carrying position is different to that in...

Bandipur to Pokhara

11/04/2012 23:46
    Content:   - Bandipur - Pokhara - Gondolier "Romario" - Punk Roman   Bandipur   After our brake pipe repair job, we considered whether we want to take the very curvy road 600 meter uphill to Bandipur.   The beautiful drive to the...

Again a breakdown ...

11/04/2012 23:45
    ... with almost fatal consequences ...   Another time the trigger for the whole debacle is an idiot, in this case, but perhaps also the savior of a worse disaster.   The good road allows a decent pace and I have no idea what an idiot I have to expect in the...

Blizzard in the Langtang Valley

11/04/2012 23:41
  CONTENTS:   - summit run / blizzard - The ascent - Last stage - The Killer - Cheese Fondue on 3'830 meters above sea level - Snowed in   summit run / blizzard   A big thermos jug of steaming black tea stands before us on the table, our faces are...

Refill your beer

11/04/2012 23:40
    The best beer comes from Nepal!   Not that it tastes best, Priti even says it tastes hideous, but the price-performance ratio is unbeatable.   Called Tomba it is drunk in an aluminum pitcher with a straw. My first attempt was doomed to fail because of the...

Clouds in the fast lane

06/04/2012 11:14
    We are on the way to Syabrubesi, the starting point of our trekking trip to the Langtang Valley. I drive the winding road along, high up on the steep slopes of a ridge with magnificent views of the thousands of fields in terrace construction. Then I notice the speeding-cloud...
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New Photos online - NEPAL

06/04/2012 09:46
Have a look to the pictures of Nepal... - Kathmandu / Bakthapur - Langtang Trekking - Pokhara / Bandipur - Western Terrai


Varanasi - hell on earth?

30/03/2012 18:53
  Well, the traffic is quite violent. But I'm very accustomed to it so I force my way past the cows, cycle rickshaws, tuk tuk's, cars, people over people, dogs, and what else is crawling around in India's major cities.   I wonder how I can stand the swiss order in road traffic...

Hellride Highway 7

30/03/2012 18:50
    Index:   - roof tent toilet - Police chatters - Traffic jam at the highway Nr. 7 - Children from Childien - Storm at the gas station - Shower for the tough one - good bye cooling fluid - also good bye shock absorber   Roof tent...

Goodbye Goa, hello Yogi's

30/03/2012 18:48
    The farewell   The day of departure has arrived, long enough, we have pushed it away, loosen each bolt on the car to be able to mess around a little longer. Now we have to rush all over India to Nepal to reach Kathmandu in time...   The Austrians  Wolfi...

Bears Party in the bus

30/03/2012 18:47
    The end of the Goa-Times is approaching for many, and so we opted for a final party with our neighbors. Again it was a delicious buffet prepared by all travelers and not Oberlander were welcome too.   An unforgettable evening with a huge bonfire and private fire show...

Workshop for advanced Mechanics

30/03/2012 18:45
    Yes yes ... we love to work on the car  ... Life would be much too boring otherwise ...   newbie question: "How long can you start your car by treating your starter motor with a hammer?"   newbie response: "Well, hopefully to Pakistan, because there I...

Taking Off! Incredible Hampi

30/03/2012 18:41
    Author: Philip   After about a month lazy beach life, relax, and some alcoholic celebration of christmas and New Year, finally we managed to leave this paradise beach for a few days :-)   Goal: Hampi   Situated approximately 400km inland, east of...

New Year 2011/2012

30/03/2012 18:40
    With Matthias I dive into the first beer already in the early afternoon. It continuos from neighbor to neighbor until we sizzle with ordinary skew our Chili Con Patata-dish.   Again we meet the other travelers at the campfire. In my alcohol conditional soaring I'm no...

Beach life - five fairy tales

30/03/2012 18:17
  ... There was a time long ago at a secluded beach ...   Like this our stories begin, they did mostly end with Old Monk. The guaranteed 100% chemically produced rum from Goa cost only 125 Indian Rupees per bottle which is an equivalent of 2.70 USD. It is a really good deal,...